Yellow-bibbed Lory

Yellow-bibbed Lory

Found in the primary forests, secondary growth forests and occasionally coconut plantations of the Solomon Islands, the Yellow-bibbed Lory is fairly common in the wild and abundant throughout most of its range. It is listed on CITES Appendix II and is considered a Birdlife International "restricted-range" species, which means that, while the species is abundant in numbers, the range of the species is limited and could be easily threatened.

The Yellow-bibbed Lory is mainly a red bird with a black head. The breast area is yellow (hence the name Yellow-bibbed) and the wings are green marked with mauve, silver and blue. The tail is green and red with some greenish tinged yellow. The beak and iris are orange and the legs are dark grey. The Yellow-bibbed Lory is 11 inches long (28 cm) and weighs about 153-225 grams. In the wild, Yellow-bibbed Lories feed on pollen, nectar, seeds, fruits and insects.

The Yellow-bibbed Lory was rare in aviculture until 1989 when the Solomon Island government first permitted commercial export of its birds. There were some Yellow-bibbed Lories established in New Zealand in the 1970ís, but for the most part, these lories were not seen in aviculture until the 1990ís. By 1996, the quota system that was set up by the Solomon Island government had been abused and they no longer permitted the export of their birds for commercial purposes. In 1998, the Solomon Island Parrot Consortium (an approved cooperative breeding program which imports lories that are not well established in U.S. Aviculture) imported 30 pairs of Yellow-bibbed Lories into the United States and were distributed among the members of the consortium. The Yellow-bibbed Lories proved to adjust well in captivity and bred very well. As handfed babies, they are very sweet and I anticipate that they will make as good pets as the other Lorius species such as the Black-capped and Chattering Lories; however, most offspring should be placed into breeding situation until their numbers are better established.


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